Gurubaran Tanjore Art Gallery was named by HIS HOLINESS SRI KANCHI KAMAKOTI PEEDAM SREE JAGADGURU SANKARACHARYA CHANDRASEKARA SARASWATHI SWAMIGAL. The showroom was inaugurated by Late Mr. GK Mooppanar President of the Tamil Manila Congress and later was inaugurated by Mr. GK Vasan.


urubaran Tanjore Art Gallery is specialist in Tanjore Paintings and Glass Paintings and Antique Paintings. The paintings canrange from a size of 6/4” to large hall paintings. The paintings are now done by Mr. L. Vijaya Kumar, who is expert in Tanjore Paintings for the past 20 years and he has won many awards. This gallery is exclusive because it houses only Tanjore paintings done by Mr. L. Vijaya Kumar. And the prices are much cheaper for this very reason. The paintings have found their way in American Temples. Painting of Lord Krishna was installed in the Venkatesaperumal Temple in California and many other temples all over the world.
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